Privacy Policy


1.	Who we are
SDA Logic Limited is a company incorporated in England (company registration number 2950646) whose registered office is at St Peterís Street, Bishopís Waltham, Hampshire SO32 1AD.
2.	Collection of personal information
We do not collect any personal information from individuals who are employees of our client organisations. Our client organisations are small to medium enterprises and are generally incorporated companies. In order to make contact with our clients for support purposes we hold a name and telephone number of certain employees of our client organisations and these are always telephone numbers at the clientís place of work. We would also hold an email address for contact purposes and these are almost exclusively office based email addresses.
We do not collect any personal information via our website.
3.	How we use your information
Save for the use of the information detailed in paragraph 2 above, we do not use any such information for any other purpose.
We do not sell or supply any information to third parties.
The only exception would be if we are ordered by a recognised UK law enforcement agency to supply information to detect or prevent crime or to prosecute offenders.
4.	Cookies
We do not make use of cookies on our website.
5.	Changes to our privacy policy
We change our privacy policy notice from time to time. Our website will contain a link to the latest version of the privacy policy, so please read this when visiting our website.
6.	Security of information
Such information that we might hold will be kept secure by taking appropriate technical and organisational measures against its unauthorised or unlawful use.